Rose Quartz Crystal Stone Bracelet for Men & Women


Rose Quartz Crystal Stone Bracelet for Men & Women


Lab Certificate, Color Blue, Bead Size 10 mm


Rose Quartz is not just the stone for romantic relationships, it advocates for all kinds of love; like communication with family to self-care and developing strong bond with spouses, family and friends. Balances the heart chakra and helps in attracting potential love. Helps multiply romance and compassion in one’s life. Helps increase intimacy and trust in a relationship. The bond between the partners increases. Helps you overcome abusive relationships. Helps you bring more love into your life; be it self-love or any other kind of love. Helps you understand your true self and increase self-love irrespective of the situation. Helps increase self-awareness and self-acceptance. Rose Quartz helps one heal relationships and increases understanding. Helps pregnant women increase bond with their child in the womb

Rose Quartz for Health Benefits:

  • Rose Quartz is said to improve circulation and enhances neuron connectivity
  • It accelerates healing
  • Helps strengthen muscles
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Improves fertility in both men and women
  • Beneficial for women as it supports female reproductive system
  • Protects mother and the unborn child from the pregnancy related issues
  • Helps comfort colic and feeding difficulties in infants
  • Helps ease the lung and chest problems
  • Helps heal the kidneys
  • Helps heal past hurts and wounds
  • Helps in asthma, chronic fatigue and backaches
  • Rose Quartz harmonizes irregular heartbeats
  • Helps prevent thrombosis and heart attacks
  • Highly useful for one’s skin: soothes burns and reduces blisters
  • Used in face masks to reduce wrinkles
  • Rose Quartz holds anti-ageing properties
  • Helps clear the complexion
  • Helps body rejuvenate
  • Accelerates the recovery of mind and body

Rose quartz for Emotional and Psychological Balance:

  • Rose Quartz has a calming aura that eliminates the negative thoughts
  • Brings mental and inner peace
  • Helps people with depression and anxiety
  • Restores positivity and hope in the wearer
  • Helps cope up from grief
  • Helps erase the feeling of fear and guilt
  • Eradicates the feeling of jealousy
  • Builds compassion and grants the feeling of forgiveness
  • Prevents nightmares and provides long, deep and relaxing sleep
  • Helps one boost self-esteem
  • Balances the emotions of the wearer
  • Enables the wearer to be optimistic and strong
  • Rose Quartz enhances the sixth sense (intuitions) of the wearer
  • Attracts positive energy
  • Recommended to be used in meditation
  • Helps manifest good things in life
  • Helps create positive changes in life
  • Helps letting go old grudges and helps one move on in life
  • Helps one feel more confident
  • Increases the sense of self-worth by treating self-esteem issues and negative emotions
  • Helps the wearer trust in himself/herself


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