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From the Director

But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born 

Initiated in 2020 with a definitive vision, theastrosaga.com is a pioneer brand in more ways than one. It is a relatively new entrant in the space of astrological products and services, where there is utmost competition from the already established players in the market. However, the aim and vision of the company were set from day one – to streamline a scattered, directionless astrology market. Theastrosaga.com is one of the pillars of Electrosed Power Pvt Ltd. The company wants to achieve the status of  the Number One astrology website in India, and now it also boasts an impressive portfolio of a number of products, services, and brands.

The initiative of The Astro Saga has been taken under Electrosed Power Pvt Ltd led under the able guidance of Mr Pradipta Paul who is the Director of the company.

The Fate Is In The Stars

Welcome to The Astro Saga! One of the most genuine platform for astrological decisions and goals, this is not only for those who are looking for astrological assistance but also for those who are seeking high level of research and development in astrology. It is a fruitful astrological source for helping out people from their sensual questions to specialized queries. Our aim is to enhance the human life by using divine science of astrology. Astrology is the mathematics of your life, gained from the calculations of your planetary positions to foresee what the future holds for you.
This is a portal where every form of online astrology consultation is done. From Vedic astrology to KP system, and every single thing in between, including Birth chart, Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot Reading, Aura Reading, Vastu, Spiritual Healing, Online Horoscopes, Chinese Astrology, Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Zodiac readings (both Sun and Moon signs) and more. Discuss all your problems with the best astrologers of India for instant free online consultation and seek genuine solutions to your problems.