2 Mukhi Haridwar Rudraksh (Medium)


2 Mukhi Haridwar Rudraksh (Medium)


2 Mukhi Haridwar Rudraksh (Medium)

Origin: India

Size: Medium

Color: Brown



Benefits of Two-Face Rudraksha:

If one is facing difficulty or problems in their married life then this rudraksha is very beneficial for them. It brings positivity in relation so that they would mutually understand each other. It helps to cure the decreased related kidney, gastroenteritis problem, and heart-related problems and helps to boost your memory. It is also beneficial for those who are in search of the best life partner. It also helps to bring pleasure and spiritual gains in the wearer’s life. It also helps to cure the negative effects of the Planet’s Moon. So those who have a weak moon in their Kundli should wear two-face rudraksha.


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