Get Your Kundli

Get Your Kundli


Full analysis of your charts and an extensive 25 page report which will be helpful in providing you with the right guidance in life and will also help you in overcoming obstacles in your life.



Horoscope Charts and Calculations

Ascendant Chart, Navmansha Chart and Moon Chart together making it easy for analytical reading. Besides this, the meaning and significance of each Chart has also been given for simplified understanding.

Dosha Analysis and Remedies

The Dosha pages related to Manglik, Kalsarpa and Sadhesati describes the meaning of respective Dosha and also explains in a lucid language its formation and effects.

Detailed Gemstones Analysis

Our PDF report provides Astrological Gemstone recommendations for Life Stone, Benefic Stone and Lucky Stone.

Ascendant Report and Traits

The Ascendant Report Page displays the Ascendant sign, its Lord, symbol, characteristics, etc. 

Available in Different Languages

PDF Horoscope API is available in 8 Different Indian languages which includes English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.



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